About Ooh!chocola


Meet the chocolate family

As part of a company that holds family values in high regard, the ooh!Chocola range of products is centred around a family full of sweet teeth. Meet them all below!

Bol_Arthur (1)

Arthur has a heart of gold, but sometimes it seems there are devilish horns protruding from his head. He's best friends with Frankie and Freddie. They supply him with sweet treats from places just out of reach for the wee boy.


John is the prime example of a workaholic. He considers his chocolate as his ninth familymember. He's constantly experimenting with new flavours and types of chocolate. He's a bit distracted at times and doesn't trust Charlie one bit.

Bol_Jeroen (1)

Jerome & Annie wish there were 48 hours in a day. Besides keeping an eye on their little devil Arthur, they are renovating their home. A chocolate break is always cherished.

Bol_poes (1)

Charlie is the family's double-agent, double-0-chocolate. Whilst he's purring all over Catherine, her worst foes have a window to steal all the chocolate. Charlie always gets his cut. To keep up the ruse, he 'catches' one of the mice every once in a while for Catherine to see.


Catherine's a real mater familias. As the actual head of the household, rather than John, she keeps everything running smoothly. When John gets blown off course, she adjusts. She loves Charlie, but is mortified by Frankie and Freddie.


Frankie & Freddie: These little rascals are the thorn in the side of Catherine. They grab all unguarded chocolate and have a nice understanding with Charlie.

Part of bicobel

Ooh!Chocola is a part of Bicobel, a company with family values and customer satisfaction at heart. Our focus is on quality and artisanal production processes.

Our professional team is ready to create and ship our delicious chocolate to you.